Beijing Tian Long Yuan Theatre

Posted in Theater.

Picturall Octo media servers played a vital role in one of the world's biggest holographic projections built in the Beijing Tian Long Yuan Theatre. Two Octos were used to run eleven Barco projectors on an outdoor projection screen. The Octos and lighting were controlled through a single Wholehog III console. The projection had an exceptionally high resolution of 5600*1400px and a playback framerate of 25 fps.

In an installation as large as this, there are always things that can go wrong. Using two Octos in the project, Leafun ensured that if any problems should occur, they would have the entire show fully backed up and instantly ready to roll.


  • One Picturall Octo, one Picturall Octo as backup
  • Eleven Barco FLM R22+
  • Eight Matrox TH2GO
  • One Wholehog III

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