The Xi’an LED Sky Screen

Posted in Large scale.

Certainly worthy of the term ’large scale showcase’, the gigantic LED screen suspended over a shopping mall pretty much takes the cake where massive displays are concerned. The screen consists of 5 LED screens,  it’s 250 meters long and 30 meters wide, which comes to a staggering 2800 square meters of display area. It’s a real playground for Picturall Octo that runs the media content out of 22 DVI outputs as super high-resolution PRKL files at 30 frames per second. 

This skyscreen is unparallelled in Asia, and in the whole world it’s equals are few. It hangs around 30 meters high between two newly built retail centers, and is designed to display media content of all sorts, such as video games, movies and even photos uploaded by mall visitors. This breath-taking piece of media display workmanship was put together by Leafun Ltd, using Picturall media server equipment. 


  • One Octo
  • Eight Matrox TH2GO
  • LED screen with 16256 x 1792 pixel media playback

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