New Century Global Center

Posted in Large scale.

In SiChuan province, ChengDu City, there's a very large building. So large in fact, that it could fit 20 Sydney Opera Houses inside, or 3 Pentagons. This  building is called the New Century Global Center that offers its visitors lots of entertainment in the form shopping, ice-skating, swimming, and over-night accommodation in multiple hotels. 

In this immense building, there is also a water park which houses the world's biggest indoor single LED screen, powered by - you guessed it - a single Picturall Octo media server. The LED Screen is a staggering 136 meters wide and 30 meters high, more than 4000 square meters in total. 

The installation was realized by Guangzhou Leafun Culture Science and Technology Co. Ltd. in July 2013. The LED screen is a part of the artificial Mediterranean Village including an indoor beach environment. 


  • One Picturall Octo with two HD-SDI inputs
  • One High End Roadhog
  • A single 136m wide and 30m high LED screen 


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