Lahti University Media Wall

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Like most Universities, Lahti University of Applied Sciences has a continuous stream of exciting student work and events going on around the year. To make sure all this work gets the attention it deserves, the D-Mo media wall was built on campus for showcasing student work and for event information. 

The D-Mo wall runs on a single Picturall Quadro, a Picturall media server version with four DVI outputs. The screen setup consists of 8 full-HD screens and four TripleHead2GO adapters connected to the Picturall Quadro. The Quadro includes a DVI input card option, which enables serving live camera feed to the wall. 


  • 1 Picturall Quadro media server with a DVI input card
  • 4 TripleHead2Go adapters
  • 8 Full-HD screens


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