NOS Studio Facelift with Octo

Posted in Broadcast.

Looking for a completely new house style and setting for all its news, sports and current affairs programs, the Dutch Broadcasting Company NOS organized a design contest. The winner design, submitted by Fisheye company using Picturall Octo was, according to the NOS, in perfect keeping with their perception of the news of the future.

The design included a stratified video rear wall, which in combination with horizontal LED stripes, provides an impression of space. The slats are sandwich constructions of ultra light material, incorporating all technical components, such as LEDs and cables. The large video canvas that seems to float in front of the illuminated LED wall is composed of no less than 274 separate video cubes and 5 LCDs. 


  • One Octo with 12 DVI outputs
  • 4 HD-SDI inputs
  • Six Datapath x4
  • Custom control software by Fisheye

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