Picturall Duo Mark 3

Picturall's media server Picturall Duo is perfect for installations that don't require that many outputs, but need total control of the content through one box. In theatre and museum use for instance, 1 to 4 outputs is usually sufficient, but you need rock-solid reliability, and a broad range of video control features such as blending, key-stoning and show programming.


Picturall Duo is a lightweight media server with all the heavyweight software features of Picturall's other media servers. Duo is a part of Picturall's Mark 3 lineup that provides more modularity, scalability and even more outputs in each of the media server products. 

Picturall Duo has two DVI outputs that can be extended to 4 Full HD outputs, and it comes with its own control software, Picturall Commander. You can also use external controllers through ArtNet and DMX if you prefer. Blending layers together is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 with Picturall Duo, as is warping and display positioning.

Technical specification:

  • Two outputs (HDMI/Displayport/DVI-D) with independent positioning, edge blending, keystone and curved surface correction
  • Native 4K outputs and 4K playback
  • Uncompressed playback up to 1080p@30fps
  • Number of outputs are expandable using Matrox Triplehead2go or Datapath x4/fx4
  • Optional: Up to two capture cards (SDI/DP/HDMI, up to 4K)
  • Equal software features compared to all Picturall Media Servers

Picturall Duo Mark 2 Duo Datasheet

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