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003 octo12 dvi Picturall Ltd - Big picture, made easy

Picturall is market number one when it comes to performance of media playback products. We provide you the most cost effective systems and market leading performance with the easiest setup out there.

We utilize the renowned stability of Linux to provide extraordinary reliability and the easiest setup. Install the whole system in 7 minutes with just few key presses never worrying about driver updates and hardware compatibility. Use our simple but versatile display setup and built in EDID manager to line up even the most complex display setups in less than an hour.

Whether your business is events, video rental, fixed installations, theater, concerts or broadcast, we provide a peerless video playback system for your needs. We make sure your video system is easy to set up and use, has the cutting edge performance and that your show runs like clockwork.

How can less be more? More is more!

Yngwie Malmsteen

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